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About Geaprodukt

GEAPRODUKT  d.o.o.  is a trading company specializing in marketing and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables. We are successfully adapting to market conditions for over 27 years.

The company  was established on 01. 03. 1990 and since than our business extended to a variety of sales programs of fruits and vegetables:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • organic fruits and vegetables
  • dried fruits and nuts
  • fresh and dried herbs and spices
  • canned fruits and vegetables


We developed our own label "GoGeaGo"  which represents products of packed fruits and vegetables and fresh fruit juices from fresh pressed or strained fruits.


Our offer is tailored to different target groups, mainly:

  • chain stores (merchants, traders, wholesalers and retailers)
  • horeca (hotels, restaurants  and caterings)
  • tenders (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, eldery homes, military)
  • end customers


Our business is performed in three business centers: Ljubljana, Maribor and Ankaran. For importing from other continents we use the services of the Port of Koper.


The basic functions of our business are:

  • distribution of fruit and vegetables to wholesale customers throughout the region
  • purchase of domestic production of local origin
  • cash & Cary retail for the end customers


The company stands behind its slogan, "When the pleasures are not a sin!" We realize that life is precious and we encourage consumers to maintain a healthy diet. We offer pleasures that do not harm the environment.

We employ about 65 people. Years of experience of our employees ensures safe operation in domestic and foreign markets. Accuracy, courtesy, willingness for dialogue are our virtues. With them we help our clients to optimize their business.




Quality of goods is ensured by appropriate transport, storage, input and output control. We employ professional staff and use modern technology in order to verify the criteria such as freshness, quality, appearance, taste, weight, suitable packaging ...